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How often should I update my website?

How often should I update my website? To have a successful website, you’ll need to revamp the website on a regular basis. Whether you have a blog, an online shop, or simply have your contact information available, keeping your website updated is important. Your time is worth money, and the time and money you spend on website updates or hiring website update services will translate into more sales, traffic, and leads for your business.

What Are The Benefits Of Website Updates?

Keeping your website updated is a great way to keep your website fresh and relevant. Whether your website update is for the look of your site or to add new content with blog writing or a complete website revamp, there are a number of benefits to keeping things fresh. Here are just a few benefits of website updates:
  1. You'll build trust with visitors. If you're constantly doing website updates on your site, visitors will start to wonder what's going on and whether they can trust you. For example, changing your contact information every month or two makes people worry that they won't be able to reach out to you when needed. Or if you suddenly change the layout of your homepage without explanation, people will wonder if they're missing something important. If your website updates are frequent without any clear reason or purpose, people will be less likely to visit in the future.
  2. You'll keep visitors engaged longer. Relevant website updates can keep visitors interested in what's going on with your business or brand. People love new and exciting things — especially online — so website updates can help keep them coming back for more!
  3. You'll increase your website content opportunities with website updates. If you like to write your own content for your site, you want to make sure you're keeping up with all of your content ideas. Website updates can help you stay more on track with your ideas and goals for your site's content.
  4. You'll get more traffic. Website updates will get more traffic from search engines because they'll be more relevant in their search results. Search engines like Google even recognize an up-to-date site and reward users with higher search rankings and more traffic!

Website Redesign Tips To Keep Your Site Looking Fresh

There are tons of ways to keep your site looking fresh and interesting. Here are just a few website design tips to get you started:
  1. Add new pages to your website. Whether you're adding a new blog post, announcing a new product, or adding a new service to your portfolio — adding new pages to your site are great ways to revamp a website. 
  2. Add new images or videos. Adding new images or videos to your website is a great way to make things look interesting. You can also take an old image or video and spice it up a little with some new styling or editing!
  3. Change the color scheme. Your website probably has a color scheme that you've fallen in love with, but when was the last time you actually switched it up? Changing your website's color scheme is a subtle yet effective website update. You can change your color scheme by:
  • Switching up the colors on your sidebar, images, or buttons
  • Changing your background color or image
  • Using a different navigation color scheme
  1. Update your website content. This is an obvious one, but it's worth mentioning. One of the quickest and easiest ways to make your site look updated is to add new content. Whether you're adding new blog posts, changing the look and feel of your blog, or simply updating your contact or mission statement — you'll stir up excitement and interest for yourself and your brand!
  2. Offer new deals or discounts. Another easy website update to make your site feel fresh is to offer new deals or discounts. You can update your homepage or blog to announce new deals or announce them on social media.

How Often Should I Update My Website?

If you wish to maintain a consistently updated website, you should determine how frequently you should do it or hire website update services offered by Lead Marketing Strategies. Updating your site annually is fine. However, it would be even better if you updated it once a month! Here are some guidelines to help you figure out how often you should update your site.
  1. Consider your industry. If you have a blog or website that caters to a specific industry, like dentistry, you'll likely want website updates more often than someone who has a more general site. People who visit your site likely want to hear from you more regularly.
  2. Know your goals. If you're keeping your website updated for traffic or relationship building, then you'll likely want to update your website more often than if you're just looking to build a business presence. For example, if your goal is to build up your contacts database, you might want website updates more often. If your goal is to improve your search ranking, then you'll likely only want to update your site when you have new content to share.
  3. Determine your posting schedule. If you have an idea of how often you want to post on your blog or website, then you can keep that in mind when figuring out how often you want website updates. For example, if you want to post on your blog every week, you'll want to figure out a schedule that allows you to complete website updates more frequently.
  4. Consider your resources. If you don't have the time for frequent website updates or resources to outsource website update services, then you might want to keep website updates to once or twice a year. Just remember, a year is a long time for some people to wait for new content, so you'll want to think about how often you can realistically revamp the website.

How To Keep Your Website Updated

Now that we've covered some ways to keep your site looking fresh let's talk about ways you can keep your website updated regularly.
  1. Use a content calendar. If you have a lot of content to create, then a content calendar can make things much more manageable. A content calendar will ensure that you stay focused on your content and make sure you don't miss any deadlines. Plan and publish new content and images as often as you'd like.
  2. Write content in advance. When you're scheduling your blog posts, you might want to schedule some posts far in advance. This will ensure that you have content ready to go when you need it.
  3. Set up auto-updating widgets. If you have a lot of social media accounts, auto-updating widgets can make things much easier. These widgets automatically update your social media accounts, so other people don't have to. You have to set them up once, and they will do the rest.
  4. Get website maintenance services from a company that knows website management systems. Lead Marketing Strategies, a website management company, can make keeping your site up-to-date a lot easier. We can help you spread your content across the web through a variety of channels and help you build a sustainable presence in your industry.


Keeping your website updated is a great way to make sure you stay relevant — and it's not as hard as you might think! Keeping your website updated is not only a great way to keep your visitors engaged and coming back for more, but it can also help you build your business by driving traffic to your site and helping you achieve your website goals.

Lead Marketing Strategies provides website update services and makes website updates easier than ever!

If you still need some help getting your website set up and looking great, you can get in touch with us here at Lead Marketing Strategies. We have been helping website owners take control of their online presence. Lead Marketing Strategies can help you figure out the best way to keep your website updated. We have the knowledge, experience, and technology to help you keep your website updated and fresh on a regular basis. Check out our website update services today! When it comes to your website updates, consistency is key. You don't want big gaps in between your website updates; otherwise, people will forget about you. That's why Lead Marketing Strategies is the perfect solution for keeping your website updated. Lead Marketing Strategies makes it easy for you to create simple, timely, and consistent website updates to your site. Takeaway: Keeping your website up-to-date will pay off.

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