Lead Marketing Strategies helps companies build brands and reach business goals by optimizing your Shopify store’s effectiveness and performance. Our expertise in Shopify for e-commerce allows us to offer excellent support and maintenance services so you can focus on other business functions. Lead Marketing Strategies can manage the significant issues and smaller details such as upgrades, bug fixing, design enhancement, customization, integrating plug-ins, and enhancements to ensure that your Shopify store is well maintained to achieve better results.

Our team of Shopify developers continuously tracks all Shopify updates and alerts and offers 24 7 support to ensure your e-commerce store is up-to-date. We provide quality Shopify support and maintenance service at competitive pricing.

Shopify is a leading and influential eCommerce shopping platform. It builds brand communities that generate value even above and beyond a sale. As a result, Shopify increases brand loyalty and delivers continuing growth opportunities for eCommerce stores and brands. With Shopify and Lead Marketing Strategies by your side, you get the following advantages and so much more:

  • A full-featured eCommerce shopping platform
  • supported by more than 100 payment processors worldwide
  • with more than 100 storefront themes
  • Customizable eCommerce platform
  • 24/7 customer service and support
  • Comprehensive data analytics and reports
  • Online business transactions that are safe and secure
  • Easier access to funding
  • Integrated app support
  • More customer-facing applications
  • Abandoned cart recovery for Shopify
  • Easy backend management

Get your Shopify store up and going in no time with Lead Marketing Strategies!

Shopify offers more than just eCommerce. Today, entrepreneurs use Shopify to sell a diverse range of products to a broad audience. These services and products can include service appointments, consultations, digital products, memberships, digital gift cards, online courses, and more. Our Shopify experts, developers, and designers are here to help.

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