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Nike – Projects related to Ecommerce merchandise (Sneakers) platform development and branding

New Sneakers Project

Nike is a name that requires no introduction. Boosting eCommerce merchandising for their amazing sneaker line was a priority for them. So they turned to us for help. They were impressed with the way Lead Marketing Strategies listened to their needs and presented ideas and a complete marketing plan, which included a platform development and branding strategy.

LMS provided reliable marketing plans and a one-stop shop to Nike with marketing, branding, and growth that generated results.

eCommerce Plan

Our LMS digital marketing experts were able to personalize each step of our digital marketing strategy to suit the needs of our clients. Our approach and our experience in the eCommerce space enabled us to provide Nike with exactly what they needed to move ahead with their eCommerce plan. It wasn’t just an e-commerce store that was required for this project. In fact, what was needed was a platform that was designed to satisfy the client’s exact needs. As part of this, a compelling and thought-provoking branding strategy was created, developed, and implemented. Lead Marketing Strategies works with passion and determination to help Nike reach premier their project on time.

The Obstacles

There were many problems Nike had to deal with when it came to its business. It was very important to establish a one-stop shop where everyone could collaborate and stay on the same page by setting up the proper e-commerce setup for Nike’s sneakers and building an advanced platform explicitly designed for Nike’s high-end requirements. Additionally, we also collaborated with their marketing team to develop a branding strategy tailored to the project’s needs. LMS helped Nike overcome obstacles and get the results they needed.


There was a need for Nike to create something different, and they needed it to reach the target market exactly. Fortunately, we at Lead Marketing Solutions were up to the task and even exceeded their expectations. With our world-class eCommerce solution, a flawless platform for Nike, and a powerful branding approach, we aim to provide outstanding customer service, innovative ideas, and maximum results. Lead Marketing Strategies delivers results instead of excuses and is a leader in being a one-stop resource for all of your marketing, branding, and growth needs.

LMS Recommendation

We have made a difference for some of the most prestigious companies in the world with our marketing services. At Lead Marketing Strategies, we have some of the most creative minds, SEO experts, and masterfully skilled developers who are all passionate about helping others succeed and reach their goals. The bottom line is that we don’t succeed until you do.


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